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Business Translation

http://quangtay.vn/images/stories/anhdichthuat.jpgIn the course of business, many businesses have to draw up tender document in which the content and language plays a very important role. When translating into foreign language, if language in the translated tender document is not exact, the business will lost winning-bid opportunity.
Bid winning depends on the content of bidding document. And when the content of   bidding document has been approved, your win or lose depends very much on your bidding document have been translated correctly or not…  whether translated language accords with your specialized language or not ... so as the partners can understand your bidding document content. It is surely confirmed that.

The most importance of translated language in the bidding document is to understand the nature of translation. Being a professional translation unit, Tin Viet translation centre affirms that we will bring the customers highly qualified, specific translations, make your language in the bidding document become a sharp and precise language to get more winning bid opportunity.

Tin Viet translation has ever brought out the highly qualified translations of bidding document for several customers about several special majors such as construction, electrics, telecommunication, hydroelectricity.. Tin Viet translation centre is proud of having contributed the success to the customers during the previous time.
We always work with the highest responsibility, professional and prestigious style of serving. From selecting the translators who are highly qualified and experienced in translating bidding document, long- term projects for the companies, government organizations, multi-national corporations, architectural construction companies to applying project management process, translation process, quality- technology management process as well as security in order to ensure the quality, creativeness of your bidding document bearing original spirit and intent

Come to us for the most highly qualified translation!
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“We used TIN VIET TRANSLATION services sice 2009 up to now. Thanks for your professional approach in everything you do: your responsiveness, your high quality translation, actually I cannot call it a translation, because it looks like original, native text. I am looking forward to continue business with you.”
Hieu Do Van/ Product Manager – HUAWEI VIỆT NAM